Best Winter Beanie of 2018

"Top of our list for high-output winter activities is the 3-Season Helmet beanie from up-and-coming Chicago company Snowshed. It’s made from superfine merino wool and fits nicely into your pocket. We wore the 3-Season beneath our bike and ski helmets without any bulk, itch, or overheating, thanks to its thin profile."

- Outside Magazine | 2018

Why Merino Wool?

The small air chambers in our wool perfectly regulate your body's internal temperature.  Wearing Snowshed® layers will keep you cool in the off-season warm spells and warm throughout the frigid winter.  Also, Merino wool is a powerful odor fighter... You literally can wear these layers for weeks without offending the herd.  No stink, no chills, just all day comfort!

Natural, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Clothing

Your plush wool is carefully sourced from ethically certified Merino sheep ranches, because happy sheep make beautifully soft wool.  And, when the life of your garment has expired (after several years of use), simply toss it in the trash where the wool will naturally decompose back into the earth.

Sewn in the USA

Because we can.

And we should!

Thin and Soft Fabrics

“Keeping your head warm is smart, even on beautiful days - it’s still winter, after all. Snowshed’s soft merino cap is thin and slight enough to fit under a helmet, so you don’t have to take it off when you strap on your safety gear.”

- WIRED | 2018



"I am beyond satisfied.  I work outside all day high up in the air as a Lineman.  I can honestly say for the first time in my life I am warm and comfortable all day.  SnowShed is a game changer for my type of work!  The feeling of the fabric on my skin is so soft and comfortable it's like I have my favorite pajamas on under my work clothes all day!  Thanks SnowShed!!"

Dan H. (Men's GUNNISON Pants & CASCADE Zip Shirt)



“Everyone, buy this shirt immediately! It is so comfortable and warm and I am in love with the colors!”

Laura W. (Women's TAHOE Zip Shirt)



“This top looks and fits great! It's the most comfortable top that I own and I wear it all the time. I never knew wool could be so comfortable. Not only that, it's very warm without the bulk. Because of its natural odor resistance I rarely need to wash it. Love this top and now a fan of SnowShed.”

Judd A. (Men's LUMBERJACK Shirt)



"Snowshed products are geared towards outdoor athletes but I have found they are perfect for a midwest city commuter.  Waiting on the train platform at 7am in -30 wind chill Snowshed under-layers come in handy.  I have a black scoop neck that layers perfectly under my work clothes.  I look forward to trying the leggings next."

Kerry B. (Women's ASPEN Scoop Shirt)



“Very comfortable, very warm -- on cold days I even wear these under my pants while sitting at my desk job! Have tested them out in harsher environments as well (see bicycling in the snow) and was not disappointed.”

Zach N. (Men's GUNNISON Pants)