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"Top of our list for high-output winter activities is the 3-Season Helmet Beanie from up-and-coming Chicago company SNOWSHED. It’s made from superfine Merino wool and fits nicely into your pocket. We wore the 3-Season beneath our bike and ski helmets without any bulk, itch, or overheating, thanks to its thin profile."

Outside® | 2018 Winter Buyer's Guide

Why SNOWSHED® Merino Wool?

The small air chambers in our soft Merino wool perfectly regulate your body's internal temperature.  SNOWSHED® clothing will keep you cool in the off-season warm spells and warm throughout the frigid winter.  Also, Merino wool is a powerful odor fighter. Odor molecules have a very difficult time bonding to wool, so you can literally can wear these layers for several days of athletic activity without any stink.  No Chills, No Stink, just All Day Comfort!

Made in USA

Our clothing is Made in America using carefully selected 100% Superfine 'no-itch' Merino Wool from Australia & New Zealand.  Sure, it's not easy manufacturing in the USA, but for those companies who are willing, it is very possible... and we are proving it!

Warm & Breathable - The best of both worlds!

SNOWSHED® makes some the best thermals on the market today - we use only the finest quality Merino wool, our 230 midweight baselayers provide the warmth of many 300gsm+ baselayers, but with the breathability of a lighter layer for 3-Season comfort!

Premium USA Manufacturing... and it shows!

After our huge rolls of superfine Merino wool fabric arrive in the USA, they are promptly delivered to our manufacturing facility in Northern California.  Our USA cut & sew partner factory has 30+ years of experience using wool and it shows in their fantastic craftsmanship!  We are so confident you'll love our high-quality Merino garments that we've backed every piece of clothing with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Ambassador Stories

Split River Outdoors

Born in Colorado's Rocky Mountain region these men are fixtures in the waterfowl and buck hunting scene.  Follow along on their adventures as they score big wins. *Seen above in the 3-Season Helmet Beanie. HUNTING STORIES

Ryan Rachiele

Pennsylvania's brown trout population is in jeopardy when Ryan wades through.  If you like beautiful streamers and feisty smallmouth, then these stories are for you. *Seen above in Men's Gunnison Thermal Pants. FLY FISHING STORIES 

The Absolute Alpine

Based in Rifle, Colorado, The Absolute Alpine is a technical-focused, professional mountaineering guide service in the Rockies, South America, Alaska, Japan, and Nepal with 1,000,000+ vertical feet ascended since 2014. *Seen above in Men's Lumberjack Shirt. MOUNTAINEERING STORIES

For winter warmth, it's the layers you don't see which really matter the most!

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“Keeping your head warm is smart, even on beautiful days - it’s still winter, after all. SNOWSHED’s soft Merino cap is thin and slight enough to fit under a helmet, so you don’t have to take it off when you strap on your safety gear.”

WIRED® | 2018




"I've tried countless base layers and you will not find better than Snowshed! Synthetics don't compare (they stretch, break down, rip the hair out of my legs), cotton is pointless, and other wool base layers are itchy or bulky. Snowshed's midweight merino is thin, yet warm enough to keep me comfortable during the sub-freezing winters of Colorado."

Robert (Customer Review)



“The long johns are awesome!  It’s been a very long time since I have not froze to death while wading in the winter.  I love them!"

Ryan (Fly Fishing Ambassador)



"I am beyond satisfied.  I work outside all day high up in the air as a Lineman.  I can honestly say for the first time in my life I am warm and comfortable all day.  Snowshed is a game changer for my type of work!  The feeling of the fabric on my skin is so soft and comfortable it's like I have my favorite pajamas on under my work clothes all day!  Thanks Snowshed!!"

Dan (Customer Review)



“Everyone, buy this shirt immediately! It is so comfortable and warm and I am in love with the colors!”

Laura (Customer Review)



“Very comfortable, very warm -- on cold days I even wear these under my pants while sitting at my desk job! Have tested them out in harsher environments as well (bicycling in the snow) and was not disappointed.”

Zach (Customer Review)


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