Musky Fishing Turns into a Big Brown

Ryan Rachiele -

Musky Fishing Turns into a Big Brown

The craziest streamer eat I have ever experienced! My buddy, Anthony and I were coming back from doing a little evening musky fishing with no luck so he wanted to stop to do some mousing in a spot we know holds monster browns. I was all rigged up for musky so I was watching him miss a few blowups from some what sounded like decent trout from the splashes. I grew impatient and decided to strip an 8 inch musky streamer through the deep hole a few times just to see what would happen. Third cast into the hole and something huge smashes my streamer! After strip setting like my life depended on it, I heard Anthony say, “you have got to be kidding me!?” This wild brown and that moment will be etched in my memory forever as one of my favorites! 

-Ryan Rachiele 

IG: @streamerjunkie17


Wild Brown Trout