The Perfect Morning

Ryan Rachiele -

The Perfect Morning

After four cups of coffee, I was more than ready to throw some streamers. Today was different though. My girlfriend was coming along to watch me do my thing. She has been out with me before and wanted to see me hook up to a big brown so bad but it just never happened. This time I really wanted to make it happen. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the stretch I wanted to fish. I felt like it was going to be a rough one after putting my rod together and my fingers were already frozen. We start at a spot I had previously rolled a decent sized brown about a week earlier so I could up my odds a little. First cast....nothing. Second cast....nothing. Third cast....BOOM! There was so much excitement between the both of us as I was fighting the fish that the conversation is such a blur. The one thing I do remember is how big her smile was. That, my friends, is a perfect morning!

-Ryan Rachiele 

IG: @streamerjunkie17


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