Backstrap with a Side of Tag Soup

Colorado, Hunting, Team SRO -

Backstrap with a Side of Tag Soup

Snowshed® backstraping through Colorado

A Brief Big Game Season Recap

Some hunters end the season with a freezer full of delicious, meaty goodness. Others take their unfilled tags home and try not to think about the satisfying meals that could have been. That is the reality of the chase. In true SRO fashion we showcased both experiences this year. Some of us (myself included) were unable to overcome unfavorable weather conditions, the challenges of public land hunting, and other obligations that shortened our seasons. Fortunately, a couple of us managed to overcome the obstacles and we were able to tag a few solid bucks!

Charlie - Team SRO

Buck hunt in Colorado with Snowshed® and Team SRO  Merino wool long johns keeping hunters warm in Colorado  Snowshed® wool warmth in Colorado - USA Made


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