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When the days grow short and the weather worsens, many people retreat into the comfort of their homes, and wait for the warmth that spring brings. We, on the other hand, have waited over nine months for this time of year!  It’s finally hunting season! We’ve packed away the fishing tackle, swapped shorts for shot shells, and frantically rummaged through our closets for our guns, gadgets, and gear.

Three months out of the year, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the best Colorado has to offer. Don’t get me wrong; we love to fish and get out every chance we get. But after 7 months of losing lures, untangling lines, and taking the occasional hook in the finger, we’re looking forward to the experiences, adrenaline, and challenges hunting has to offer.

So from this point forward we’ll forgo sleeping in on the weekends. We’ll wake up at 3am, layer up, load our gear, and embrace the harshness of winter with enthusiasm. We’ll work tirelessly in search of antelope, deer, and elk in hopes of filling our freezers...

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