The Absolute Alpine Mountain Guides

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The Absolute Alpine Mountain Guides

After Absolute Alpine purchased several Snowshed merino baselayers from an outdoor shop in Colorado, they emailed us directly to sing out praises!  We were so happy with their feedback and genuine experience in our clothes, that we decided to bring on their group of guides as brand ambassadors to Snowshed USA! 

The Absolute Alpine will be posting beautiful photos regularly, and writing about everything from their guiding adventures, to product reviews for essential mountaineering gear, to the foods they like to snack on to power their way across some of the worlds largest summits.  It's going to be awesome...

In 2016, the Absolute Alpine guided for 216 days, on 5 continents, crossed 51 glaciers, and hiked to the top of 34 mountain peaks!

Check back soon to hear about their adventures.  The Absolute Alpine