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SNOWSHED® is a privately owned & operated company with headquarters and distribution in Chicago, Illinois -- Our ethically certified 'no-itch' Merino wool is from New Zealand and Australia, but our clothes are proudly made right here in the USA!  We're doing big things, while keeping our exceptional small business values and customer service.


Thredbo Powder Day 
(Thredbo Ski Field, Highest Lift Access in AUS)

Colin and Natalie, Sydney Australia 2012
(Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia)

Founded by former Tahoe pro ski patroller and lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Colin Wischweh...  It all started in early 2013, Colin fell for an Australian in California, soon after he moved to her hometown of Sydney, Australia.  It was there he sought-out to find the highest-quality Merino sheep Australia had to offer.  He's been to the ranches and met with the landowners.  Over the next two years he basically went to wool college, with majors in sourcing, logistics, and manufacturing.  Now, he runs the show at SNOWSHED® and is committed to providing his customers with high-quality base layers which are all made at USA cut & sew factories and with 100% of our Merino wool being from sourced-verified ethically-treated Merino sheep ranches.  It wan't easy, but he's checked those boxes for his customers!  Next to come is a limited edition summer line, 2019, and growth of 10x for the Fall '19 / Winter '20 collection.

SNOWSHED’s boutique size—the company has 7 employees, not including the manufacturing facilities—which allows an authentic personal touch that separates our customer service from other companies.

MADE IN THE USA using extremely soft, 'no-itch' Superfine Australian & New Zealand Merino wool.

Made in the USA

The softest Merino sheep are sheared in New Zealand and Australia, then their fleece is sent to get cleaned & spun into yarn cones, and then knitted into huge rolls of beautiful Merino fabric.  Next, these rolls of Merino fabric are put on a ship and set sail for California where the fabric is cut, sewn, trimmed, logos put on, etc... and lastly, each garment is individually packaged. Our completed products are sent to our Chicago offices and distribution facility for delivery to our valued customers!



Axe logo by Snow Shed


Why have we chosen an axe as our logo?

Because our brand represents the strong and tough outdoors characteristics of a wilderness survivor.  The axe is known for its classic functionality and rugged durability - the axe is the outdoors tool that stands in perfect unison with SNOWSHED® baselayers.  So get out there and show your axe off!


Snow Shed Wool at the factory

 (above: cleaned raw Merino fleece - ready to be spun into yarn cones at our partner factory)

Our focus has been creating a soft & breathable one-quiver line of thermals with all the cut, sew, and trim operations taking place right here in the USA.  The warmth-to-weight ratio of our mid-weight Merino wool fabrics is industry-leading and our high-quality USA cut & sew garment construction is unparalleled.  Autumn, winter, and spring are a perfect complement to our collection of soft, warm, and 'no-stink' 3-Season Merino wool base layers.

Snowshed Merino wool being spun into yarn

(above: some of our Merino wool being spun into yarn cones at our partner factory)

Merino wool will keep you insulated (warm) even when wet due to the thousands of air pockets between the twisted Merino wool fibers.  And Merino wool takes a very long time to stink because the smelly atoms in sweat don't want to naturally bond with Merino wool (nature at its finest!) -- basically the opposite of how synthetics (oil based garments) react to sweat and stink.  SNOWSHED® keeps you warm and dry without stinking for multiple days of heavy athletic use. Guaranteed!