Snowshed® Merino Wool USA

Made in the USA 

Snowshed® Merino wool clothing and apparel is proudly Made in the USA using the finest Australian Merino wool.  Our factory's in San Francisco & Chicago are world-class manufacturing facility's with over 100 years of experience in Merino wool clothing.  We take a lot of pride in supporting Americas highly-skilled workers... our workers are paid fair wages and work normal business hours to encourage a positive work-life balance, which is a core principle at Snowshed® Merino wool clothing and apparel.

Rigorously Tested

New clothing styles must pass 100+ hours of outdoor field testing before being accepted into full production.  "Nothing but quality" is our mantra -- if we won't wear it, we won't produce it.  Our founder is an avid skier and an adventurer who guides us in producing apparel that can protect you through the long cold winters, as well as the wet off-seasons and warm summers.  Yes, summer too - Snowshed® Merino wool clothing is naturally UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 35+!!  How ya like them apples!?! Ditch the sunscreen and put on a long sleeve Snowshed® instead - great for hunters, hikers, walkers, and bikers (motorcycles too). 

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