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The Best Winter Hats of 2018

Outside® Magazine 2018 Winter Buyer's Guide featuring Snowshed®Merino Wool Helmet Beanie by Snowshed® USA - Outside Magazine page 81

2018 Winter Buyer’s Guide

"Top of our list for high-output winter activities is the 3-Season Helmet Beanie from up-and-coming Chicago company Snowshed®. It's made from fine merino wool and fits nicely into your pocket. We wore the 3-Season beneath our bike and ski helmets without any bulk, itch, or overheating, thanks to its thin profile."
2018, Annual Edition


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 2018 Ski Gear for Sunny Days

WIRED Magazine and Snowshed® Merino Wool ClothingSnowshed® Clothing in Wired Magazine for merino wool beanie

The Best Gear on the Slopes 

 “Keeping your head warm is smart, even on beautiful days - it’s still winter, after all. Snowshed’s soft Merino cap is thin and slight enough to fit under a helmet, so you don’t have to take it off when you strap on your safety gear.”

2018, January edition


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Merino Wool Beanie by Snowshed Sewn in the USA


Snowshed Women's Merino Wool Helmet Beanie


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