Snowshed® Merino Wool Care Instructions

The better you treat your SNOWSHED® apparel the longer they will last, better they will perform, and stronger they will stay.  

We only recommend using the "Best Care" instructions below.  This will maximize your garments life, hand-feel, and function.

FYI - it is expected for wet wool to have a light fragrance of... well, wool.  This is a premium natural fabric, so this is very normal for it's high quality.  As the wool drys, the wet wool fragrance will disappear.

Best Care:

1.  Ensure zippers are all the way up

2.  Turn apparel INSIDE-OUT

3.  Machine wash on cool water cycle "normal" or gentler setting (never "heavy")

4.  Use a mild liquid detergent (NEVER use fabric softener or bleach, or detergents with fabric softer or bleach)

5.  Wash with like garments

6.  Dry flat in the shade OR line dry* (drape over the back of a chair; shower rod)

7.  Do not iron prints or labels

* Machine drying on lowest setting has been tested effectively (lowest temperature setting only)

    Bad Care:

    1. Use hot water out of the bed of a pickup truck sitting in the sun

    2. Rub with bar soap and scrub with a seashell

    3. Drag behind your truck to dry

    4. Leave the garment at your ex's house



    • Wash before wearing the first time. Note: this is a very high-quality natural wool which will "fur" up a little (get a little soft fuzz, like cashmere). This is natural and a sign of a high quality natural wool that has NOT been over-washed with very harsh and environmentally toxic chemicals in factory production.
    • Wash occasionally on regular cycle with denim (e.g. jeans with the zipper closed) or other coarse fabrics to remove any loose fibers (SNOWSHED garment inside-out). 
    • Always aerate your clothes after wearing – this allows any moisture to evaporate, prevents odors and eliminate the need for excess washing or cleaning.

    • If a hole occurs, address it immediately otherwise it will only get larger. Use a hooked needle or “knit-picker” to draw yarn from outside of the garment to the inside where it can be sewn in. Or, take it straight to a professional who can do it for you. 

    • Should you find yourself dealing with a potential stain, immediately apply a solvent-based stain remover such as eucalyptus oil. Apply it in small amounts, working inwards on the stain to avoid it from spreading. Although no technique is guaranteed to remove a stain, the above recommendation is a good option.


    Garments and odor:

    Merino fibers have the characteristic of drawing moisture away from the body and either absorbing or releasing this moisture, which eliminates clamminess and ensures that the garments remain odor-free. The fibers work this way in our garments the same as they do in the sheep that supply our Merino.

    We strongly recommend that our customers only wash their garments on a delicate-to-normal cool wash cycle. Hand washing can enable a residual build up of perspiration which could contribute to an odor problem.

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