Woolmark® Certified Pure 18.5 Merino

Woolmark - 100% Pure New Wool Certification Logo

This trademark indicates that our fabric contains 100% certified pure new Merino wool.

The Woolmark Certification is the world's most prestigious wool certification and products that carry it must be tested at independent Authorized Laboratories and approved by The Woolmark Company.  This mark provides our customers with guaranteed fiber content and the assurance of premium quality.


Frank the Sheep

All of Snowshed's Merino wool fabrics are made at Woolmark certified yarn factories, which means we provide the highest quality Merino wool of superfine fiber content to ensure a very soft hand-feel, no-itch, and maximum durability. Our partner factory measures the wool fiber with ISO certified digital machines to ensure we're using top-quality wool! "Ethical Quality" is the first pillar of Snowshed's company culture. We don't stop with just quality, we provide quality clothing backed with ethically treated animals and fair-wage factories.
Ethical quality = happy sheep + happy workers + happy earth!


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